Being Active

At Old Dalby Preschool we value and encourage physical play. Our outdoor area provides space to run, ride bikes and cars, throw balls and climb. Children love to challenge themselves and practitioners are always on hand to aid and encourage them. The fun doesn’t stop outdoors either with our ball pool and soft play providing lots of chances for indoor fun.


Learning can be messy, and that’s fine by us. We love to play with squidgy corn flour, squelchy mud even shredded paper, spaghetti, anything that is exciting to touch and explore. Water play can be great for learning too, it helps children to begin to explore ideas like volume and weight as well as problem solving.


Indoors and out we have a wealth of natural resources for children to get their hands on. Natural items such as sticks and shells provide fuel for children’s imagination and offers countless opportunities for learning new exciting skills. From measuring how much mud goes in your mud pie to working with your friends to build a den.


Everyone learns best when their senses are stimulated, at preschool we like to engage all of them. Our sensory room provides an exciting place to explore light and textures. Musical instruments are always on hand and our ‘music man’ visits regularly.   

Social and Emotional

Your child’s happiness and well being is our priority. Practitioners work hard to ensure that each child feels like part of our community. We reward friendly and positive behaviour and provide spaces where children can choose to be alone when they need to work out their feelings. We regularly monitor and track each child’s level of well being and involvement.



All children come with amazing imaginations, we see it as our job to help them express and develop them. This year we’ve helped organise a Strictly Come Dancing Contest, built a robot and even made a ghost train. We provide all the raw materials to allow children to take their imaginations where ever they want to.