Old Dalby Preschool was last inspected by Ofsted in July 2015, our gradings were as follows:

How well the early years provision meets the needs of the range of children who attend. Good

“Staff work extremely well with parents and a regular and comprehensive exchange of information means they are always very well informed about their children’s progress and events at the setting”

“Children with special educational needs and/or disabilities receive an excellent service as their individual needs are effectively met in partnership with a range of professionals”

 "Planning covers all areas of learning and assessments show that children are making good progress from their starting points"

“Lots of child-led activities mean children are involved in their learning and helps them make choices from a wide range of resources”

The contribution of the setting to the well-being of children. Outstanding

“Children’s well-being is superbly promoted as arrangements for transitions to school and behaviour management help them deal with their feelings and change”

"Key persons know children extremely well, which helps them settle and feel secure"

"Arrangements for the transitions to school are exceptional"

"The manager and staff team have an excellent understanding of how to safeguard children"

The effectiveness of the leadership and management of the setting. Good

"The manager is a strong leader of a skilful, qualified and trained staff team"

"The educational programme is effectively monitored and reviewed so that children have challenging activities to promote their learning"

"All staff are involved in setting targets for improvement and there is a clear plan for progressing the setting"